Guaranteeing - and proving - that your buildings are safe and hygienically clean

Our company supports clients and partners with safety and hygiene, including:


24/7 rapid response to get you back open swiftly whilst retaining your colleagues' and customers' confidence


Don't be fooled by the fogging brigade - this method is not effective!
Our method exceeds Public Health England advice


Trusted by insurers, brokers, lawyers and blue chip clients


Decades of experience in deep cleaning buildings back to an "as new" standard


Safeguard your staff and clients
Protect your reputation


Proactively disinfect to stop the spread and to provide evidence of compliance in the event of any claims


Swiftly react to an outbreak to enable your business to reopen


Physical cleaning followed by electrostatic disinfection is proven to kill all but 0.0001% of viruses & bacteria
Scientific testing completed before and after our work to evidence its effectiveness

Call 0203 355 5018 or email to obtain a fast response is a division of Slip Safety Services Limited, the UK leader in ensuring safe, clean environments

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Company number: 11125274

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Call us to obtain help: 0203 355 5018

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